Electric Arc Furnace


        The roof of the electric arc furnace working in a circumstance with high temperature and sudden-changing temperature, is often affected by slag and mechanical shock. The refractory for roof should perforce high refractoriness, good heat and shock resistance。
        HXS aim to help you meet your ever increasing production and productivity targets.
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       Launder/spout of electric arc furnace suffers from attacks, high temperature and temperature shock. It requires refractory to be high anti-wear, temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, erosion and corrosion resistance.
       HXS provide various monolithic products to increase the campaign length and reduce the cost to reach high efficiency.
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        Electric arc furnace works with high temperature product by contacting the electrodes. The refractory used in its bottom should be:
          1.high refractoriness under load
          2.good heat and shock resistance
          3.good slag resistance
          4.high compress strength
          5.good thermal conductivity
        HXS always provide high quality refractory solution for the electric arc furnace.
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