After the long-term operation, the ladle’s working lining will crack or peel off.

       HXS provides efficient repair material with good performance to thermal shock, corrosion and abrasion resistance. It is widely applied to the maintenance for ladle with an easy installation and cost-reducing. 
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Working Lining

      Ladle, as container of molten steel, can delivery, refine and casting the molten steel. Ladle placed special demands on working lining, including:
         1.high refractoriness
         2.heat and shock resistance
         3.slag resistance
         4.high mechanical strength 
         5.good expansibility
      HXS is able to offer solutions from all kinds of parts, the most used material HG-C and HG-A(链接至钢包衬),which is easy to install, convenient to maintain, enjoys good fluidity and excellent performance to heat, slag and abrasion resistance and thermal stability, can prolong the campaign length and reduce the cost sharply.
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       Floor and sidewall are recommended as thermal insulation, it slows down the cooling process of molten steel, keeps the molten steel always hot, and ensure ladle covering works well.
       HXS aims to provide solution to our customers that improve the quality of sidewall and floor, to ensure a efficient and safety working environment.


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