Reverb Furnace


     Heat inside the reverb furnace transfer via radiation, and roof is where the highest temperature area gathering. Burner gas scours against the roof, causes serious damages. Besides, feeding and slag tapping will bring in sudden temperature changes. 

     Thus, the refractory used for roof should be high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, with proper bulk density, corrosion and erosion resistance.


 Upper Wall


         The places above slag lines in reverb furnace body belong to upper wall. These areas suffer damages from the high-thermal load, the high temperature gas containing SO2 and dust, and the chemical damages from slag and smelt metal.

        These areas need refractory with high performance to slag resistance, thermal shock and erosion.

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 Door Frame


        Door frame is made of steel shapes and plates, light-weight, insulating refractory make its inner lining to longer its usage life as well as lower the thermal radiation to workers, improving working environment.

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 Lower Wall



         The places below slag lines in reverb furnace body belong to lower wall, which mainly suffer from chemical damages caused by slag. And the slag line suffers the most serious erosion and damage to the fastest.

          Lower wall needs refractory with good erosion resistance and stable thermal shock resistance.

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         Ramp stands on one side of reverb furnace body, is the main way to tapping off the slag. Besides high temperature and slag erosion, ramp suffers from temperature changes and serious attrition.

      We build ramp with high quality refractory which performs good thermal stability, high-temperature resistance, corrosion and erosion resistance.

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        Hearth consists the bottom of reverb furnace and contact the smelting metal directly. With a long time working under high temperature circumstance, burden the molten metal and scoured by molten metal, hearth need the high-strength, corrosion ad erosion resistance refractory.

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 Sub Hearth



        Sub-hearth hardly contact smelting metal directly, and these area need high-strength, insulating refractory.

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