Cement Kiln


     Vortex function as feeds heater, gas & solids separator, material transfer, is the place where some physical and chemical reactions take part. The vortex requires refractory performs good alkaline , corrosion and erosion resistance.

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         Usually, inlet is combined by vortex and decomposing furnace, mainly worked as pre-heater and pre-dissociation reactor. As the dissociation processing of raw material releases heat, usually, the temperature of inlet is 800-900 ℃. We need refractory with good thermal resistance, corrosion and erosion resistance, and chloride resistance.

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 Security Zone



        The temperature in security zone usually is 1200-1400 ℃, it need refractory with good properties of thermal shock, high temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance.


 Burning Zone



         Burning zone can reaches a temperature of 1450 ℃, it requires refractory with good coating adherence, which is the key property to a success lining material, and high refractoriness, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

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         Outlet is a place to cooler the chamotte, dealing with waste, etc. The temperature there can reach 900-1200 ℃. Refractory for outlet should be thermal shock stable and corrosion resistant.

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        The cooling air can be reused, and the part with highest temperature transfers to the inlet via TAD, then support heating there. Refractory for TAD should be high-strength, corrosion and erosion resistance.

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