Tundish cover is a sealed and insulating part. Usually, we take high-strength and good thermal shock stability refractory to build the cover.

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 Working Lining


         Working lining contacts the high-temperature metal directly. The elevated temperature, molten metal attack and slag erosion can break working lining seriously. It requires refractory with good slag, erosion and corrosion resistance.
       In early years, people use refractory bricks and tundish boards to build working lining. In 20 century 70s, they were replaced by refractory coatings. From 20 century 90s, dry vibrating masses take part in, and they provide a long and more stable life cycle for tundish.

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 Permanent Casting Layer



        Permanent casting layer hardly contact molten metal directly, the layer can reduce heat loss and save energy. It requires refractory with high strength, good insulating property, good thermal shock and volume stability.

      The layer used to be built by refractory bricks, but now, refractory castables replaced, as castables provide longer life cycle, and are more economic.





         As the part to clean molten metal and slow the metal flows, dam need corrosion, erosion and high-strength refractory.

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