For Induction Furnace
Working Lining HC-2
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1) Good performance to thermal shock and corrosion resistance
2) High refractoriness
3) Excellent mechanical strength
4) Easy to install and maintain
5) Much longer and more stable life cycle
Items£º                                         HC-2
Chemical property£º                  Slight alkaline
Main Contents£º                         Spinal
Density £º                                    >2.81 g/cm
Linear Changing Rate£º            +0.12%
Grain Size£º                                0-8 mm
Refractoriness£º                         1900°C
Compressive strength£º            1500°C×2h> 2MPa
Thermal Shock Resistance£º    Good
Installation Mode£º                      Dry vibration
Suggested Working Mode£º      Intermittently or continuously
Suggested Furnace Size£º         ≤1 metric tons
Storage Life:                                 6 month in dry condition     
 Application£º                               Alkaline material smelting; such as stainless steel,
                                                        high manganese steel, high alloy steel, etc.

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