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Magnesia Mortar HMN-95
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1) Well selected raw material and high refractoriness.
2) Good performance to spalling, abrasion and corrosion resistance.
3) Good adhesiveness and easy installation.
4) Good crack resistance prolongs the life cycle.

Item:                               HMN-95
Main contains:               MgO≥95
Characteristics:             magnesia
Refractoriness:              2150
Rupture strength:          100×16h   2.8MPa
                                        1400×3h   12MPa
Installation mode:          trowel
Additive required:         high-temperature binder 
Application:                    build various refractory bricks of industrial furnaces (E.A.F, LF etc)
                                         and steel ladles; fill the  precast parts.


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